Fr. 2 ancillary

Français 2 Interro leçon 8


Français 2 Midterm

Please note- I have done my best to ensure that the information below is comprehensive for the midterm, but technically anything learned in DF Bleu from French 1 is also possible content as French is cumulative.

Here is a helpful document made by one of your classmates: Fr. 2 Study Guide

Another helpful document that includes lots of grammar/conjugations (note that as it was made by a student from French 3 it will include tenses you do not need to know: Fr. 3 student –  study guide

Français 2 Midterm
çons 1-7, MTV verbs & il y a (see below)et information de français 1)
ECOUTER – Listening section – questions (Mlle. C. will read)

Conjugation of any French 1 or 2 verbs in the present tense (-er, -ir, -re, faire, être, avoir, aller, mettre, prendre, irregular -ir verbs, verbs like dormir partir servir a.k.a. MTV verbs (dormir, partir, servir)) (see below to review previous sections you learned earlier this year)

Passé composé (avoir verbs and être – “aller”!)
Remember that “aller” is conjugated with être in the past tense and thus have to “agree” (REFLEXIVE VERBS ARE NOT ON MIDTERM)

-Telling Time

Numbers  (Les Numéros) anything from 0-10.000 – i.e.    2017 = deux mille dix-sept ~ 306 = trois cent six ~ 189 = cent quatre-vingt-neuf   15  = quinze

Practice some of the higher numbers here! Test yourself with learning, writing, spelling, flashcards 31-10.000

-Days of week, months of year


Inversion from French 1  i.e. Quel âge a-t-elle? or “Parlez-vous français?” instead of “Est-ce que vous parlez français?”  (practice here here or here)

Depuis (how long/ present tense + depuis)
– “Je parle français depuis deux ans” ~ “I have been speaking (spoken) French for two years”.   ~or ~
Je travaille à Rite Aid depuis dix mois“. ~ “I have been working at Rite Aid for ten months.”

Adjective agreement – i.e. grand/e/s petit/e/s jeune/s  vieux(s)/vieille(s), or sportif/sportive, canadien/nne(s) etc.

Logical response (multiple choice)

IL Y A + passé composé – How long ago you did something – for example “I watched a movie three days ago” ~ “J’ai regardé un film il y a trois jours”. or “I took a quiz a week ago” ~ “J’ai pris un interro il y a une semaine”. (link to “il y a”)

Respond to questions in complete sentences in French

Read passage and answer questions
(remember to use the French that is on the midterm to your advantage- look at it to glean any info about conjugation/vocab. etc.)

Negatives besides ne…pas: (ne…jamais, ne…personne, ne…rien, jamais/déja) and their placement in present and past tense


Français 2 Interro leçon 7


A. La formation du passé composé – know how to form the past tense and past participles of -er, -re, and -ir verbs AND irregular verbs

B. Le passé composé – a variety of subject pronouns, and verbs (être and avoir)

C. Les phrases negatives –  quelque chose, quelqu’un, personne, rien and their placement (review placement here and here)

D. Expression personnelle– “Les films” Writing sentences in French using the past tense.