How to Navigate this Site (for current French Students)

I am always tweaking this website and adding information.

If you look now at the top, your French class will have a link, and if you hover over it, the unit that we are currently studying will appear.

There will also be subsections with sometimes a specific grammar or vocab. section, for easier navigation.

Merci, et bonne chance- amusez-vous en apprenant le français!

Fun (French) Foreign Language Learning Site

For a fun and comprehensive overview of basic French topics, I highly recommend this site: Languages Online – French section

It has a variety of fun language learning topics and methodologies.

It is broken into useful sections, each with activities ranging from fill-in-the-blank, to more fun games, and songs, to help you learn the set of vocab.

Give it a shot! Every level of French learner could benefit from learning some new words, or reviewing some old!!



La Date

La Date – The Date

Jours de la Semaine
(Days of the Week)

Note- in French they do not capitalize the days of the weeks or the months!)

lundi – Monday
mardi – Tuesday
mercredi – Wednesday
jeudi – Thursday
vendredi – Friday
samedi – Saturday
dimanche – Sunday

Mois de l’Année

janvier – January
février – February
mars – March
avril – April
mai – May
juin – June
juillet – July
août – August
septembre – September
octobre – October
novembre – November
décembre – December

un jour – a day
une semaine – a week
un mois – a month
une année/ un an – a year

La Date – games and activities

l’anniversaire – birthday
Joyeux Anniversaire – Happy Birthday