Les Vêtements et La Mode

Les Vêtements et La Mode
(Clothes and Fashion)

Maybe, like Madame, you don’t really care a whole lot about keeping up with the latest fashion fads, but you do have to choose what clothes to wear! 🙂

The French people are rather fashionable- they are well known for their fashion and in fact, la mode, (French for fashion), is used in English…have you heard “apple pie à la mode”? It means apple pie with ice cream, which is “in style”.

French Fashion in Paris

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 Un Boubou

boubou A “boubou” is a flowing robe worn in Western (and Northern) Africa. It is more commonly worn among men, but in Senegal and a few other countries in Africa, women wear them. This may be called a “m’boubou”.

Have you ever worn anything as a tradition or that represents your family’s culture?


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