Les vêtements (clothing)

Les Vêtements (Clothing)

(If there is a * it means you’re not required to know for the D.F. series, but still good info to know!)
    items in purple are false cognates!

  1. des baskets (m. pl.) – some hightops/basketball shoes 
  2. un blouson – a light jacket
  3. des bottes (f. pl.)– some boots
    4. une casquette – a baseball cap
    5. une ceinture – a belt
    6. un chapeau – a hat
    7. des chaussettes (f. pl.) – some socks
    8. des chaussures (f. pl.) – some shoes
    9. une chemise – a dress shirt
    10. un chemisier – a blouse
    11. des collants (m. pl.) – some tights/pantyhose
    12. une cravate – a tie
    13. un imper(méable) – a raincoat
    14. un jean – a pair of jeans
    15. un jogging – a jogging suit
    16. une jupe – a skirt
    17. des lunettes  (f. pl.) – some glasses
    18. des lunettes de soleil (f. pl.)– sunglasses
    19. un maillot de bain – a bathing suit
    20. un manteau – a winter coat/an overcoat
    21. mettre – to put/place/put on clothing* (irregular verb*)
    22. un pantalon – a pair of pants
    23. un polo – a polo shirt
    24. porter – to wear (regular ER verb)
    25. un pull – sweater
    26. une robe – a dress
    27. des sandales (f. pl.)– some sandals
    28. un short – a pair of shorts
    29. un survêtement – a track suit
    30. un sweat – sweatshirt
    31. un tee-shirt – a t-shirt
    32. des tennis (m. pl.) – some tennis shoes
    33. une veste – a dress jacket / sportcoat

    Here is a Quizlet with the clothing from DF Bleu

(The following table on French clothing is based on this table here)

(Listen to the clothing to learn how it’s pronounced here)

Le Vocabulaire Français pour LES VÊTEMENTS Clothing
les vêtements habillés – dress clothes les vêtements sport – casual clothes les chaussures – shoes
la chemise button down shirt la casquette cap les chaussures shoes
la cravate tie le tee-shirt t-shirt une paire de chaussures pair of shoes
le pantalon pants le polo polo shirt les baskets basketball shoes/
le complet
le costume
suit le pull(over) a sweater les tennis tennis shoes
le manteau coat le sweat-shirt sweatshirt les sandales sandals
le tailleur women’s suit le blouson
la veste
jacket  les bottes  boots
la robe dress le jean jeans
le chemisier blouse les chaussettes socks
la jupe skirt

Notez bien:   une chemise – button down shirt       un chemisier  –  blouse
(une chemise is used more for typically men’s shirts, and un chemisier for women’s blouses)

Vocabulary associated with clothing:
(Fr. 1 don’t need to know)

Comment trouves-tu ce pantalon? – What do you think of these pants? (literally how do you find them)

Qu’est-ce que vous pensez de mes bottes? – What do you (plural) think of my boots?

Aimes-tu mon manteau vert? – Do you like my green coat?

Ça me va bien, l’uniforme? – Does this uniform fit me nicely?
Oui, ça te va bien – Yes, it’s looks nice on you.

Practice clothing with languages online French lessons:

Decide what each person is wearing – highlight clothing they are wearing

Les couleurs et les vetements “dans la valise” (what people have in their suitcase) – choose clothing and colors and drag into suitcase

Dress each person with floating clothes–  dress each person and fill in the blank about what they are wearing

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