Bien Dit Ch. 8

Bien Dit Chapitre 8

In this chapter, you will learn about the past tense with “etre” instead of “avoir”. You will also learn housework/chore vocabulary. You will learn “pouvoir” and “devoir” in the present and past tense, “MTV” verbs, and negative expressions!

Les Corvées – Use the list of chores below to review

Ch. 8 vocabulaire- “chores” – java games

Ch. 8 chores – matching


francais anglais
tondre la pelouse to mow the lawn
débarrasser la table to clear the table
mettre la table to set the table
sortir le chien to take the dog out
promener le chien to walk the dog
ranger ma chambre to pick up my room
faire la cuisine to cook
faire mon lit to make my bed
vider le lave-vaisselle to empty the dishwasher
faire la vaisselle to do the dishes
passer l’aspirateur to vacuum
balayer to sweep
nettoyer to clean
les corvées the chores
la maison the house
donner à maner au…. to feed
arroser les plantes to water the plants
faire la lessive to do the laundry


Past tense of -ir, and -re verbs (as well as other verbs!)

Challenge Board – ALL types (er/re/ir)- C’est super cool!

Rags to Riches basic past tense

Ch. 7/8 – irregular verbs in the past tense

Past tense -er, -ir, -re practice quiz

Le p.c. “jeopardy”

Difficult hangman past tense

Irregular past tense verb practice quiz

Rags to Riches – irregular and regular verbs (may have to guess on some)



POUVOIR & DEVOIR (and a bit of “vouloir” too)

Devoir present tense battleship

Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir

Pouvoir & vouloir battleship

pouvoir – exciting, different activity- discover a picture!

vouloir, pouvoir, voir present tense practice quiz

“Jeopardy” a bunch of verbs including devoir and vouloir


Negative Expressions

 “Jeopardy” with ne…personne, ne…rien, ne…jamais, etc!

  Flashcards, Matching, Concentration with negatives

  Fill in the blank with forms of ne…rien, or ne…personne



Grammaire – passe compose avec etre

 See more on these here

des verbes français en anglais
aller to go
venir to come
partir to leave
sortir to go out
mourir to die
naître to be born
entrer to enter, go in
monter to go up
rester to stay
descendre to go down
arriver to arrive
retourner to return
rentrer to go back
devenir to become
tomber to fall
revenir to come back


Des Jeux

Ch. 8 vocabulaire- “chores” – java games

Ch. 8 chores – matching

 Java games – past tense with etre

 Can you name all the DR MRS VANDERTRAMP verbs by first letter only?


 DR. MRS. V. verbs java games

 DR. MRS. V. columns


Flip-card rooms in the house

Really fun chore hangman

Autres jeux a venir







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