Bien Dit Ch. 7

Bien Dit Chapitre 7

Géoculture – Le Sénégal
Vocabulaire 1 – Vêtements Vocabulaire 2 – Dans une grande surface
Grammaire 1 – Demonstrative adjectives Grammaire 2 – Passé composé of -er verbs
Grammaire 1 – Interrogative adjectives Grammaire 2 – Passé composé of irregular verbs
Application 1 – The verb mettre Application 2 – Adverbs with the passé composé

In this chapter, you will learn to:

offer and ask for help
ask for and give opinions
ask about and give prices
make a decision
And you will use:

demonstrative adjectives
interrogative adjectives
the verb mettre
the passé composé of -er verbs
the passé composé of irregular verbs
adverbs with the passé composé
Des Jeux (games)
Play a few of these games to practice the new clothing vocabulary
Here is a hangman to practice with clothing and accessory vocabulary, you should know most of them
Practice the demonstrative adjectives with battleship or matching, and if you want a big challenge, try this quiz

Passe Compose Games
Here are the irregular past participles you must know:
 infinitive irregular past participle
avoir eu
boire bu
connaître connu
dire dit
écrire écrit
être été
faire fait
lire lu
mettre mis
pouvoir pu
prendre pris
savoir su
voir vu
vouloir voulu
d’autre jeux à venir!

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