Bien Dit Ch. 10

Bien Dit Chapitre 10

In this chapter, you will learn to

give advice
get information
ask for information
buy tickets and make a transaction

And you will use and review

the verb appeler
prepositions with countries and cities
Idioms with faire
the passé composé with avoir
the passé composé with être

ordinal numbers


The verb appeler

One of the first things you learn to say in a foreign language, is your name, in French: “Je m’appelle ______” (literally- “I call myself ____”, but you didn’t learn the conjugation. This verb, and other verbs like it, have a slightly different conjugation than regular -er verbs. “appeler” means “to call“. Here is its conjugation:

appeler – to call                                  (past participle: appelé)

j’ appelle   nous 
tu appelles    vous     appelez
il appelle     ils     appellent
elle appelle    elles    appellent
on appelle          

 The verb épeler (to spell), jeter, and …are also explored in this chapter…(for example, the verb jeter also has a double consonant in the boot).
Read more about these “stem-changing” verbs here from

francais anglais
jeter to throw (away)
N’oublie pas… Don’t forget…
annuler to cancel
rater to miss
épeler to spell
la climatisation air conditioning
Je voudrais une chambre avec vue. I would like a room with a view.
le quai the platform
la voie the track
Je cherche une place assise. I’m looking for a seat.
J’ai mon passeport. I have my passport.
Jusqu’à quelle heure? Until what time?
C’est complet. It’s booked. It’s booked.
Tu devrais emporter ton passeport. You should bring your passport.
faire l’escale (à) to have a layover (at)




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