Bien Dit Ch. 1-5 review

Bien Dit Ch. 1-5 review

Click on the links below to explore each chapter separately:

Bien Dit Ch. 1

Bien Dit Ch. 2

Bien Dit Ch. 3

Bien Dit Ch. 4

Bien Dit Ch. 5

Below are some games to help you review concepts from the chapters you covered in French 1:

Battleship with B.A.G.S. adjectives – Beauty, Age, Goodness, and Size- adjectives that go before the
                                                     noun. Don’t forget to make them agree!

Adjective agreement – practice picking the correct form of the adjective

Matching columns- def/indefinite articles  – practice with definite and indefinite articles 

Rags to Riches – Ch. 2 vocab 2  –  play “Who wants to be a millionaire”-type game to review places vocab.

Rags to Riches – -er verbs and subject pronouns  –  play “Who wants to be a millionaire”-type game to review the subject pronoun and conjugating -er verbs.

ER (accent changing) verb practice  –  play Jeopardy-style game to practice verbs like acheter and préférer

ER (accent changing) verb practice – practice picking forms of these verbs 

ER verbs conjugation  –  Practice conjugating 16 common ER verbs in the present tense. Earn coins for each correct answer. How much can you earn?

-RE verb practice  –  practice the endings of -re verbs (c’est facile!)

 You can search,, and this site (which has a lot of fun games/activities to review French 1 material), to help you as we review.


    Bien Dit 1–Chapitre 3–Grammaire 1
    Bien Dit–Chapitre 3–Application 2–C’est vs. Il/Elle est





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