Bien Dit Ch. 1-5 culture

Bien Dit Ch. 1-5 culture

This information refers to the “Flash Cultures” and larger cultural readings for each chapter of Bien Dit, from Chapters 1-5 (and the Paris culture)! Be able to answer questions about the following topics and compare them to the American culture (all culture on the final scantron will be multiple choice):

Chapitre 1: France (Ile de la Cité)

  •  How French people greet each other? (Kissing/hand shakes/personal space)
  • Les gestes– gestures
  • Greetings (formality – tu vs. vous form)

Chapitre 2: France (Ile de la Cité)

  • Music in France (on the radio, what teens like, festivals, etc…)
  • La bourrée– what can you recall about this traditional dance?
  • Le foot– the French love “le foot” and avidly play and watch soccer and “le coup du monde”, yelling “Allez les bleus” to support their team (because national team is “blue” colored)

Chapitre 3: Québec

  • Last names (what are common ones? first? last? why?)
  • Motto of Quebec- Je me souviens– what does it mean? where can you find it?
  • Le blason familial– what can you recall about these coats-of-arms?
  • La famille– what did we learn about similarities and differences in family? (importance/length of meals, what happens on Sundays?)
  • Carnavals– what carnivals are held in Québec? Who is the bonhomme de neige?

Chapitre 4: Québec

  • Days of the week (what day does the French calendar start on?)
  • L’heure officielle– how do they tell time? who else uses this time system? can you decipher what time 19:45 is?
  • Les délégués de classe– who are these people? what do they do? do we have similar representatives in our schools? why and why not?
  • Vacations/school system
  • Bill 101- what is this bill passed in Quebec? what does it require?
  • Cégep- what is this? how does it compare to programs in America?

Chapitre 5: western France

  • School sports– they don’t have after-school sports like we do, they could go to the MJC or a “club de foot”, but they do not have after-school sports or things like sports scholarships for college
  • Les Sports de Glisse- sports that slip or slide, like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating (soccer, horseback riding, and swimming are not “sports de glisse”)
  • La pétanque- this game is like bocce ball, and has one ball that you throw at others to see who can get the closest
  • Vive le sport-“Allez les bleus!” who would say this? when and where?
  • Celsius– the French use the metric system, and Celsius instead of Farenheit, to measure “le temps” – weather

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