Quia Discovering French Review/Game/Quiz Links

Below you can find a wide variety of activities on www.quia.com to practice what we have covered in class. Browse through the different classes if you need review of topics learned in previous years.

Fr. I

Lesson 1A-1C challenge game– greetings, nationalities, numbers up to 60

Fr. II and III

Review game of -er verbs, negation, activities, invitations, and forming questions

Interrogative expressions hangman

Vocab. Lesson 6 – prepositions, exclamations

Passé composé – avoir or être (choose which helping verb you would use based on the given verb)

Lecon 8 avoir ou être – choose which helping verb you would use for the context in a given sentence

Quelqu’un et quelque chose – matching / flashcards

Expressions de temps (p. 126) – matching / flashcards

Verbs conjugated with être – practice quiz

Battleship passe compose leçon 6

Irregular past participles – matching


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