Paris Webquest

Your French teacher, Mme. Amanda lived in Paris, the “City of Lights”, for a whole semester (4/5 months) in college, and I feel I just barely started to discover the beautiful, historic city!


Let’s learn about Paris!

 Fun Fact: Did you know the Romans called Paris “Lutèce” originally? It was later named “Parisii” for the fisherman that lived there. There is a lot of rich history in Paris.

Here are some links to learn more about these popular attractions in Paris:

Whether or not you actually ever have the pleasure of visiting Paris, the city of lights, everyone can enjoy learning about this culturally-rich filled city!

Interesting links:

-Listen to the song “Champs Elysees” by Joe Dassin

Interactive panoramic tour of Paris and its monuments

-official website of Paris

Here’s a presentation to help you learn the names of some monuments in fun ways!


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