Les Couleurs (Colors)

Les Couleurs

(If the French color is a “regular adjective”, it can be made plural by adding an “s” – see below for feminine/plural forms)











blanc(he)(s) (hard to see blanc(he)(s)

Like other regular adjectives, the colors go after the noun.

*Notez bien- orange and marron are invariable adjectives (meaning that they do not change- they are not changed in the feminine or plural)*

Apprenez (learn) Les Couleurs

Cette Couleur Est (practice spelling your colors)

Try this challenging “Il/Elle est comment” game with hair and eye color (un oeil (m.) / les yeux = eyes)

Coloriez les Papillons (Color the butterflies) – fun color practice

Apprenez – Les jeux avec les couleurs

Vocabulaire Supplémentaire: Looking to learn a few more colors and their rough pronunciation?

English French
Red rouge (Roo-zh)
Orange orange (Oh-rahnzh)
Yellow jaune (zhawn)
Green vert/verte (vehr/vehrt)
Blue bleu/bleue (bluh)
Navy Blue bleu marine (bluh mareen)
Purple pourpre (poor-prh)
violet/violette (vee-oh-leh/vee-oh-leht)
Pink rose (rose)
Black noir/noire (nwahr)
White blanc/blanche (blahng/blahnsh)
Grey gris/grise (gree/greez)
Brown marron (mah-rohng)
Dark Brown marron foncé (mah-rohng fon-say)
Silver argent /argenté (ar-zhahn-tay)
Gold or / doré (do-reh)
Light clair (clare)
Dark foncé (fon-say)

Beige = beige            Teal = sarcelle      Magenta =  magenta

When do I use brun and when do I use marron? For now, let’s just simplify and say that “marron” is most often used to describe eye color and “brun/e/s” describes hair specifically.

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