Verbs Prendre, Comprendre, Apprendre

Prendre and the similarly-conjugated verbs “apprendre” and “comprendre”

PRENDRE is an irregular verb, that has several meanings. Used alone, it can mean, “to take”. Used with food, it can mean, “to have” or “to take”. It can also demonstrate how to get around (transportation- prendre le taxi, prendre l’avion, etc.). APPRENDRE and COMPRENDRE are conjugated in the same way, but with the additional prefixes.

prendre – to take/to have

 je prends             nous prenons

 tu prends             vous prenez

il/elle prend          ils/elles prennent
on   prend

PRENDRE  – to take

COMPRENDRE – to understand

APPRENDRE – to learn

apprendre à – to learn to do something

 J’apprends à faire du ski nautique = I am learning to water-ski

Read about prendre at

Some great quia games to practice with the verbs prendre, comprendre, et apprendre

Here are the terms used in the games:

francais anglais
je prends I take
tu prends you take
elle apprend she learns
nous apprenons a danser we learn to dance
vous comprenez tres bien you understand very well
ils prennent le livre they take the book
Charlote apprend a lire charlotte learns to read
je comprends le francais l understand french
tu apprends le francais you learn french
nous ne prenons pas le chien we don’t take the dog
vous comprenez tres bien you understand well
les eleves comprennent le prof the students understand the teacher
on prend des croissants one/we take some croissants
il apprend a faire de photos he learns to take pictures
nous prenons un taxi we take a taxi


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