Verb Conjugations

Knowing verb conjugations is a crucial basis for furthering your speaking & comprehension level->Il faut savoir comment conjuger les verbes au présent!
As you learn more about the passé composéimparfait , and other tenses you must remember it is very important to know how to conjugate the verbs in the present tense as well!

Here are some helpful links as you continue to build your verb conjugation base:

Online French Verb Conjugation website- this is a great site, it has all sorts of activities and practice exercises

-“Fast and Friendly French for Fun” present….an excellent lesson on regular and irregular verbs and some verbs to look out for (for example- aller is not a regular -er verb) presents…a comprehensive French verb page including “Top 10 French verbs”, “vouloir, pouvoir, and devoir”, and more!

-This interactive French page (français interactif) lets you choose which verbs you want to practice, so you can create a practice exercise to help you memorize conjugations ! (it lets you choose the tenses as well- when you learn the past tense it can be a helpful practice tool)

Sit with lots of verb review (and other fun links) : verb (and grammar and more) exercises compiled on this site created by a French teacher for French II level practice (good for other levels as well)

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