Note de Grammaire #20 – the verb “faire”

The irregular verb “faire” means to do, or to make. It also has hundreds of other uses and meanings!

Here is its conjugation:

je fais                       nous faisons

tu fais                       vous faites

il/elle/on fait              ils/elles font


In its regular meaning, you could use “faire” to talk about making food: “Je fais un gateau” = “I’m making a cake“.

When its used in the manner of “to do”, it can be talking about sports” “Je fais du vélo” = “I do biking” (or just “I bike”).

Faire has many idiomatic expressions, such as the following examples:

faire un voyage = to take a trip

faire la fête = to party

faire attention = to pay attention

It is also used with weather: il fait beau = it’s nice out


The verb “Faire”

 The verb “Faire” is an IRREGULAR verb! What does that mean? Here are it’s forms: Faire = to do / to make Je fais                   Nous faisonsTu fais                  Vous faites

Il/elle/on fait          ils/elles font

 Exs: Elle fait du jogging. à She goes/does jogging. Est-ce que vous faites du vélo? à Do you all go/do biking?  

And, watch these great videos:

faire conjugation from


students who came up with a cute faire conjugation song




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