Note de Grammaire #16 – RE verbs


You’ve already learned about – ER and – IR verbs in French.  Now we will add another group of verbs to our repertoire:  – RE verbs

What is an “-RE” verb?? __a regular verb that ends in -RE__

Here is how we conjugate – RE verbs.

We drop off the  ___RE __ from the infinitive and add…..

Exemple: Attendre (to wait for)
J’attends                         Nous attendons
Tu attends                      Vous attendez
Il/elle/on attend–              Ils/elles attendent


je vends                         nous attendons
tu attends                      vous attendez
il/elle/on attend        ils/elles attendent

(Here are two catchy songs to help you remember the RE verb endings! To the tune of Frère Jacques and Mary had a Little Lamb (which we do in class))

Even this song-  RE verbs to the tune of Frozen lol!

All regular – RE verbs will follow this pattern.  So you can conjugate all these verbs in the present tense now as well:
Entendre: to hear
Perdre: to lose
Répondre à: to answer
Vendre: to sell
Rendre: to return
Rendre visite à: to visit someone

Exercice: Complete these sentences with the correct form of the – re verb:

1/ Tu _________ ton livre! (perdre)

2/ Nous ____________ des écouteurs ici. (vendre)

3/ Vous ____________ le bus? (attendre)

4/ Elle ____________ visite à sa grand-mère ce week-end. (rendre)

5/ Je ____________ toujours mes crayons de couleur. (perdre)

6/ Ils ________________ à mes emails! (répondre)


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