French in your Everyday Life!

French is used more than you probably even realize. Voila- French words and phrases you already know! (S'il vous plait, keep in mind that the pronunciations in parentheses are a guide to nudge you toward a French accent)


C'est la vie (Say Lah Vee)- That's life, that's the way things go

 Au revoir (Oh ruh vwar)- Good bye

R.S.V.P. (Ehr, Ess, Vay, Pay)=Repondez s'il vous plait (Ray pond ay see voo play)- Respond please 

Petite (Puh Teet)- Small 

Croissant (Kwah sahn)- French pastry (une croissant) 

Café (Calf fay)- Coffee house (un café means 'a coffee' as well)

Cuisine (Kwee zeen)- Food 

Fiancé (Fee ohn say)- Engaged woman/man (add an 'e' after the 'é' when talking about a female)


(à continuer…to be continued) 



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