DF Bleu Unité 1

Unité 1 – 

Read over everything we covered in lessons 1A-1C, and 2A-2B, including the “notes culturelles”. Read over the video dialogs at the beginning of each section to see how much you understand.


  • Greetings (p. 15)
  • How to ask someone’s name (p. 15 & p. 31)
  • Ask where someone is from   (p. 19)
    (& what nationality they are)
  • Asking how someone is (pp. 23 & 24)
  • Introduce/point someone out (p. 27)
  • Identifying People (p. 27)
  • Family (p. 35)
  • Finding out how old someone is (p. 37)
  • Numbers 0-1000 (p. R7)

Do your best with memorizing spelling- it is counted to an extent. Focus on being able to recognize the numbers; know how to spell 0-20.


  • Nationality- feminine vs. masculine (p. 20)
  • Indefinite articles-  un  /  une   (p. 28)
  • Definite articles-   le  /  la  /  l’   (p. 32)
  • Possessive adjectives –  mon/ma     ton/ta (p. 36)

Study the family vocabulary, and which possessive adjectives would be used with each.

Review all of the questions and answers we have learned, with the different subject pronouns.

 For example:

“How are you?”  –  “I’m doing very well!”
“How old are you?”  –  “I’m sixteen.”
“How old is your mother?”  –  “She is forty-three.”
“Are you Canadian?”  –  “No, I’m American.”
“Are you from Paris?”  –  “No, I’m from Philadelphia”
“What is the girl’s name?”  –  “Her name is…”

 There will be a listening section, and any or all of the following: true/false, matching, multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer.

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