Bon Voyage Chapitre 6 – La nourriture et les courses

Ch. 6 – La nourriture et les courses

 This chapter deals with more food items (grocery shopping and supermarkets vs. small stores in France), the partitive, the partitive in the negative, and the verb “faire” – to do / to make (which is used a lot in the French language!) as well as the verbs “vouloir” – to want and “pouvoir”- to be able to (can).
 (Here is a game to practice the conjugation of vouloir and pouvoir)
  We discussed how in France they will most often go to these small specialty shops that just have certain types of food products. We will learn more about this later in the chapter. We’ll also discuss more of the French dining habits and French food specialties.

 –Exercise that you might enjoy to help you understand more about going grocery shopping in France (has a listening component as well)
 -Read this online preview of a book on France (read pages 78-79) that explains the differences between all of these shops
 -France for families gives a nice overview of shopping and a list of helpful vocabulary

-Here are games to help you practice the vocabulary from “Mots 1” and “Mots 2”

We will be putting the verbs “faire”, “vouloir”, and “pouvoir” in our verb books and learning about their usage. “Faire les courses” = to go grocery shopping. To learn more about “faire”, visit: conjugation of “faire”, quizlet “faire” conjugation practice (has flashcards and the like)
   -This is a more in-depth explanation of “faire” and its uses

The partitive
The partitive is talking about “some” or a “part of” something. When you say you like carrots, you use the definite article. “J’aime les carottes”. But to say you want carrots, you don’t use the definite article. You would use the partitive “Je veux des carottes.”

The partitive forms can be “de, des, du, or de la”or before a vowel ” d’ or de l’ “/

Here is a quia game to practice using the partitive vs. the definite article and here is another game where you choose which to use

Here is a great quia game called “Challenge Board” (like Jeopardy) to review a wide variety of important chapter concepts!