Irregular IR verbs conjugated like dormir

There is a group of irregular verbs conjugated similarly. They are:

dormir, sortir, partir, servir, and most other verbs ending in -mir, -tir, or -vir

Here is a rhyme pattern:

“Drop 3, add -s -s -t” (for the singular forms), “Drop 2, for ils/elles/nous/vous” (for the plural forms)

DORMIR – to sleep

je dors                 nous dormons

tu dors                 vous dormez

il dort                   elles dorment

Exercise to practice sortir, dormir, partir, servir, and other irregular -ir verbs has a table showing partir, dormir, and sortir conjugations

-français interactif has an exercise specifically on partir, dormir, and sortir


It is best to learn these verbs together. Memorize the pattern for conjugation.