Demonstrative adjectives

Adjectifs démonstratifs (source)

Demonstrative adjectives (this, that, these, those) are words which indicate a specific noun. In French, they must agree in gender and number with the noun they modify:

  singular     plural
masculine     ce
 masc before vowel or silent “h”     cet
 feminine     cette

•    Ce becomes cet in front of a masculine noun that begins with a vowel or mute h: for example this man is “Cet homme” and this woman is “cette femme”. And this friend (if you’re referring to a guy) would be “cet ami” and “cette amie” for a female friend. With objects it is the same thing:

  cette calculatrice          ce livre          cet anorak       cette chemise   ce manteau   cet uniforme
•    Ces is the only plural demonstrative adjective: cettes does not exist.

  ces bottes     ces cartes postales      ces stylos       ces manteaux    

Ce match est très long.     This (That) game is very long.
Cet été je vais jouer au baseball.    This (That) summer I’m going to play baseball.
Il fait froid cet hiver.    It is cold this winter.
Cette équipe va gagner.    This (That) team is going to win.
Ces joueurs sont grands.       These (Those) players are tall.

Exercise with demonstrative adjectives (with listening)