Régions de France Examen

Régions de France Examen

  1. Carte de France – be prepared to label the regions on a blank French map- You will be given the regions to fill in! 
  2. Faits des Régions – matching – match the important fact with the appropriate region it describes. This may include key highlights from the packet readings, or points from your classmates or Mlle. C’s presentations (facts you’ve copied down). *not all regions may be listed/assessed in this section*
  3. Vocabulaire -multiple choice format – *any of the vocabulary from your classmates or Mlle. C’s presentations*
  4. Melange – un peu de ci, un peu de ca * multiple choice section with a few short answers *

Pour vous aider

Pratiquez: Quiz yourself on the regions location in France

Bien sûr, refer to the Regions of France page

The bottom of the RdF page has a box with vocab from presentations and that you may need to know in a multiple choice format.













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