Discovering French Rouge : Unité 2, Partie 1

Discovering French Rouge Unité 2, Partie 1

Quizlet – chores

Subjunctive – Here is a fr 3 subjunctive notes PPT, a document explaining usage and variations,  and a fun Challenge Board quia activity (you can play solo or with a friend), and see more subjunctive in U2, P2.

les travaux domestiques household chores propre clean sale dirty rangé picked up, straightened up en désordre messy le travail work faire le ménage to clean up faire le lit to make the bed ranger to put away nettoyer to clean le lavabo the sink passer l’aspirateur to vacuum vider to empty la corbeille the wastepaper basket mettre la table to set the table débarasser to clear off couper to cut laver to wash faire la vaisselle to do the dishes essuyer to wipe, to dry balayer to sweep le sol the floor les ordures garbage sortir to take out la poubelle the trash can la lingerie the laundry room le linge the laundry repasser to iron l’herbe the grass arroser to water les fleurs the flowers tondre to mow la pelouse the lawn tailler to prune, to trim les arbustes the shrubs, bushes s’occuper de to take care of