Français 3 info – Interros et Examens

Français 3 info Interro et Examen

Quiz format :

  1. Le Passé Composé avec AVOIR
      Conjugaisons – Write out correct verb conjugations
  2. A. Le Passé Composé avec ETRE –  fill in the verbs that take ÊTRE in the past tense (Dr. Mrs. V.)

    B. Choix Multiple w/ ETRE

  3. Le Passé Composé  – qu’est-ce que tu as fait hier – you will answer some questions about what you did or did not do yesterday.
  4. –  IL Y A – Les Phrases – form a sentence using the elements given. See below for notes on IL Y A if you missed them. (more info on il y a and depuis– quiz only included il y a*)
    *Format may vary slightly from this* Will review and take questions in class or by email Thursday.

Scroll down for more info on IL Y A etc.



Rappel /Révision 3/Interro 3

  • Passé Composé – avoir ; des verbes irréguliers
  • Passé Composé – être ; faites l’accord
  • il y a- how long ago you did somethingI came to Villa three years ago.

Je suis venue à Villa + il y a + trois ans

P.C. + il y a + amount of time

trois jours, deux (f. pl) semaines, un an, un/deux mois


Il y a une heure, j’ai été en cours de réligion.


  • Les Questions – you could be asked anything from what did you do last night to what did you eat for breakfast this morning and answer in French; also interrogative phrases like “with whom did you speak yesterday” or “Why did you choose to take French?”