Specific Subjects (Grammar/Vocab) Review

La Grammaire

*under construction de mercredi à vendredi*


Pronouns (includes direct and indirect)

Verb Tenses

To practice your verbs, check this cool Tex’s French grammar page where you can choose for example verbs like mettre, or verbs pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, and practice their conjugations! (see it in pic below)

Le Présent

Le Passé Composé avec avoir

Le Passé Composé avec être (and for fun learning songs watch Dr. Mrs. Vandertrampp Shrek – une vidéo amusante! et Aladdin – très bonne chanson!!)

Stay tuned for more info!

Le Vocabulaire

I am going to try and narrow down some vocab to key terms and/or add quizlets from classmates. Stay tuned.