French 2- Clothing Project “Soyez à la Mode!”

Soyez à la Mode!

*The most important part of the project is your correct usage of object pronouns (variety of 4- direct and/or indirect, clothing with color/style agreement, the verbs porter, mettre, and/or acheter and in the near future, imperative, or past tense!). This is more important than what it looks like, but presentation does count.*

French 2- Clothing Project (with Object Pronouns)

 You may work alone or with a partner only *if you are doing the dialog* for this mini-project. You will choose one of the three ideas below, using clothing vocabulary, colors and styles with adjective agreement, and include direct and indirect object pronouns. If you do the dialogue, you can use the past tense with preceding direct object pronoun agreement construction. For all other projects you will include a present tense, command, or near future construction with D/IOPs to total 4 instances of object pronouns.


We will have some time in class to work on your rough drafts- this is not the time to work on the visual component. These projects are due May 21st   and are worth 50 points each.



  • Fashion Magazine / aka Look Book- Make a poster, pamphlet, or booklet showing 4 famous people (or friends) and describe what they are wearing. Give your opinions too, just like in a fashion magazine. You will write 3-4 phrases for each person and share the poster and your opinions to the class. (Example DOP usage: She is going to wear it this summer)
  • Fashion consultant – You have to help your clients choose appropriate clothes, based on where they’ll be going. Suggest an outfit and accessories to go with it. You will present your French phrases (mini-dialogue) and share the visual of final outfit decisions with the class.
  • PowerPoint – Powerpoint option may be like that of a Look Book. Or the following: Choose and research a famous French designer and create a PowerPoint of 10 slides or more that shares information about the designer and describes some of their clothing styles (in French) with the rest of the class. The information about the designer (3-4 slides can be in English, but then the rest of the slides 6-7 must show outfits/style labeled in French). – This powerpoint idea could also be a modified #1
  • Dialogue- Create a dialogue between a customer and a salesperson. Your dialogue must contain a minimum of 12 exchanges and use vocabulary and structures that we have been learning, related to clothing, to buy, to wear, past tense agreement with object pronoun (i.e. “Tu les as mises hier?” etc.), and the visuals would be actual clothes that matched descriptions.


I choose #___________________.
Each project has slightly different requirements, but their points are based on 15 points overall presentation of visual/project, 5 points oral presentation, 10 points direct object pronoun usage, & 20 points vocab and grammar.