Français 2 Examen Final

Français 2 Examen Final

I gave you a packet that covers units 1-3 and the final will also include what we have recently covered in Unit 4, such as direct  object pronouns, and knowing the difference between savoir and connaître. Study them – they are on the final!!! (Play a good review game here)

Français 2 – Examen Final likely Format
(possible sections)

A. Les Questions –     Respond to some basic questions using complete sentences (Fr. to Fr.).

1) Quelle est la date aujourd’hui?
2) Qui est ton acteur/ton actrice préféré(e) ?

B. Les Verbes –
        1. Conjugate verbs in the present tense with subject pronoun given.
i.e.  (nager) nous – nous nageons   /  (avoir) il – il a
         2. Choose the verb conjugation (multiple choice)

C. La Traduction –     Translate sentences into French (En->Fr).  They could be present or past tense!

1.     We ate all of the cake.  Nous avons mangé tout le gateau.
2. She does not sing well. Elle ne chante pas bien.

D. Les Adjectifs –     Fill in correct form of the adjective.
(parasseux) Je ne suis pas une fille _parasseuse_.    n->ne l->le etc…

E. Le Passé Composé –
1. Write out the verbs that take être in the passé composé.
2.  Put the verbs in parentheses into the passé composé with the subject provided (pay attention – avoir ou être)

F. Les Pronouns

1.Answer the questions either affirmatively or negatively to the following questions (me, te, nous, vous).

section also includes a few questions on when you’d choose savoir and connaître in a sentence.

G. Le Vocabulaire – matching could be anything from descriptive adjectives to verbs to vocab like family members, clothing, animals, etc.

1. une histoire              a. grandfather
2. le grand-père          b. cute
3. mignon(ne)             c. a story

  1. C      2. A     3. B.

H. Expression Ecrit – writing about a topic such as the last movie you saw or the last concert you went to.