Français 2 – Dialogue – Au Café

Dialogue Requirements were handed out in class. Here is a bit more clarification on Menus/Skits/Scripts.  Typed or neatly-written script is due Monday, 02/26/18!! We will perform them Tuesday 02/27/18. Email Mlle. C. your script if you’d like me to “jeter un coup d’oeil”!

Part A – La Carte

  • Design a small menu for your cafe, including (en français!):
    • Decide on a French name for your restaurant and include it on your menu.
    • Include 4 TITLED categories with >/≡ 3 items in each.
      • Sandwiches
      • Salads
      • Entrées (main dish)
      • Desserts
      • Drinks
      • Breakfast OR Lunch Menu
    • Include the price (in Euros) for each item on the menu. Use approximate prices (livre p. 162-3) and at least 5 pictures total – drawn or printed out. (Use foods we’ve gone over in class)
    • Helpful book pages (126, 154, 156, 158, et 160)
    • You will submit one menu per group – (here is a template if needed Tri-fold menu )

Part B – Skit (Written Script and Performance)

  • You are writing and performing a dialogue at a French cafe/restaurant:
    • One of your group members should play the role of the waitress. The remaining members will be guests at the restaurant.
    • Greet each other at the restaurant and sit at the table.
    • The waiter/waitress must address each person.
    • Each person will order both food and drinks.
    • Chat with each other in French during/after the meal. Be creative with the topic of conversation.  You could discuss your restaurant experience or various unrelated topics.
    • When you are finished, ask for the bill. Is the tip included?
    • Say goodbye and leave.
      • At least 1 question and answer in the PAST TENSE
      • At least 1 Imperative Command (Give me, etc.)
    • Each group member must have at least 6 lines of dialogue in complete sentences (i.e. hello and goodbye, etc. do not count!)
    • Each group member must have their own copy of dialogue. Group members should not share scripts, as this results in awkward pauses, etc.  One copy of the script must be turned in for a written grade according to the following guidelines:
      • Correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.
      • Fluid dialogue that makes sense to the audience.
      • Vocabulary learned in class that your classmates can understand.
    • Attention! Do NOT use a translator of any kind for any portion of this project!  Translated sentences = 0.  Use the vocabulary and grammar learned in class, and supplement with a French-English dictionary or assistance from the teacher.
    • Your skit does not need to be memorized. However, bonus points will be awarded to those who do memorize their lines and perform the skit without referring to the script.
    • A portion of your performance grade will be based on pronunciation, so take every opportunity to perfect your French pronunciation.
    • Although it is a group project, each student will receive an individual grade for their performance.
    • You may bring props that are appropriate and allowed at school – table cloth, table settings, apron, etc. You may also dress for the occasion.
    • We will discuss food/props for the skit!!
    • Be creative and have fun! As it is a French 2  project, there is no need for any English (even for explanation purposes).
  • If you are absent on Tuesday when we present, the teacher or another classmate will fill in. Practice makes perfect!!