Fr. 2 Unité 2 Examen

No listening on this test but there will be on next quiz. This format is subject to change:

A. Le Présent- Conjuguez

Complete phrases with the PRESENT tense of verbs. Verbs may include:   PRENDRE  COMPRENDRE  METTRE  VOIR  SORTIR  PARTIR  DORMIR and other irregular verbs past participles as seen below

prendre -> pris
apprendre -> appris
comprendre -> compris
mettre -> mis
être -> été
avoir -> eu
faire -> fait
voir -> vu
lire -> lu

B. La Négation- Traduisez

Review all the negative phrases we learned and their placement in present and past tense-

i.e. She sees someone  =   Elle voit quelqu’un.
i.e. You (m.p.) invited no one = Tu n‘as invité personne.
i.e. We don’t eat = Nous ne mangeons pas.

C. Il y a- To say when you did something

–IL Y A + passé composé – How long ago you did something – for example “I watched a movie three days ago” ~ “J’ai regardé un film il y a trois jours”. or “I took a quiz a week ago” ~ “J’ai pris un interro il y a une semaine”. (link to “il y a”)

D. Le Passé Composé-

Put subject and verb into past tense. In the negative as well.

E. Le Vocabulaire-

Matching vocab. Review vocab from this site, quizlet, book, or review cards.

F. Les Verbes qui PRENNENT être au passé composé – Know the DR. MRS. VANDERTRAMPP acronym in the infinitive and past participle forms.