DF Blanc Unité 4 Leçon 15

Leçon 15: Dans une boutique de disques

This lesson discusses the placement of direct object pronouns and a few important verbs to review on pages 230-231. It introduces the verb connaître , reconnaître, and their past participles (connu, reconnu).  It also goes over agreement of the past participle with a preceding D.O.P. in the past tense.

Great Challenge Board Practice (a.k.a. your favorite review game from class)!

Leçon 15- direct object pronoun (le, la, l’, les) practice quiz

Leçon 15 – jeopardy practicing with all those fun direct and indirect object pronouns and agreement!!!

Quizlet connaître = to know/be familiar with

Direct Object Pronouns quizlet – remember that in addition to le, la, l’, and les, me, te, nous, and vous can also be used as direct or indirect object pronouns depending on context/verb.