Specific Subjects (Grammar / Vocab)

La Grammaire

Reflexive Verbs also verbes reflechis

Pronouns (includes direct and indirect)

Verb Tenses

Here is a great way to practice with any verb tense/ones you need most practice on! (see it in pic below)

(yes i did get one wrong on purpose)

Le Passé Composé avec avoir

Le Passé Composé avec être (and for fun learning songs watch Dr. Mrs. Vandertrampp Shrek – une vidéo amusante! et Aladdin – très bonne chanson!!)


Le Subjonctif

Le Futur

Le Conditionnel

Stay tuned for more info!

Le Vocabulaire

Use the vocab cards provided with your workbook, study your notes, and check out some key terms here from the activity we did in class picking out the most important vocab from each section.