Français 1 Examen Finale

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Français 1 – Examen Final

Check out info on the Fr. 1 page, depending on the lessons you need to review the most!

A. Les Verbes –      Translate the given verbs from their French infinitive into English.
aller –
to go          réussir – to succeed

B. La Conjugaison –      Conjugate the given verbs in the present tense for the subject pronoun provided.
        1.   (venir) vous – vous venez        (choisir) elle – elle choisit
2.  Choose the correct conjugation for regular and irregular verbs (multiple choice).
il (venir)   –      a. viennent     b. venez    c. revient    d. vient          *D is correct answer

C. Les Nombres –      Write numbers and/or ordinal numbers in French.
   first (m.) – premier      364 – trois cent soixante quatre       15 – quinze

D. La Traduction –      Translate various sentences into French.
    I have three sisters – J’ai trois soeurs.
They are French (m. pl.) –   Ils sont français

E. La Négation –    Negate the sentences (make sentences negative).
i.e. J’ai une affiche.  – Je n’ai pas d’affiche.
          Nous mangeons les sandwichs.  -Nous ne mangeons pas les sandwichs. 

F. Les Adjectifs Possessifs –      Fill in the blanks with the appropriate possessive

i.e.     (sac) J’ai  mon  sac.          (ordinateur) Vous avez  votre  ordinateur.

G. Les Adjectifs –      Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the adjective in parentheses.

to make feminine, add an –e,
n->nne             i.e. canadien -> canadienne
l->lle                 i.e. gentil -> 

H. Chez qui? –      Say that each person is going to their own house using aller + chez + stress pronoun.

i.e.     (toi)   Tu vas chez toi.

I. Expression Personnelle –      Respond to the given questions using complete sentences.

J. Le Vocabulaire –      Match the vocabulary with the correct translation.  Use capital letters. These could be anything from units 1-5, to clothing, to family, etc.

K. Expression Ecrite – You will write about yourself and your life, answering the various prompts using complete sentences.