Francais 1 ancillary

Interro leçon 13 jeudi 15.03.18 (scroll down for quiz format)

Vocabulaire-  Dans la Ville, Où habites-tu, Dans la Maison

saying where you live (p196) Know how to describe where you live and in a house or apartment- describe the house
places around town (p197)
asking directions (p199)
parts of the house (p200)

Notes from today – review how you say your address vs. in a town you live; un immeuble = apartment building vs. un appartement = apartment

  1. Le bon endroit– write which place you would go to to see or do the activities given in English (i.e. to eat a meal = le restaurant) (any of vocab. from p. 197
  2. La Maison– given drawing – label each room with the article and noun (any of vocab. from p. 200)
  3. Le choix multiple – directions and where you live (p. 199 & p. 196) tout droit

Examen leçons 9-12 

Unité 4 (leçons 9-12)

A. AVOIR – fill in the the blank

a. Nous _avons___ des cahiers.
b. Tu  _as_  une voiture?

B. DEFINITE ARTICLES – fill in the the blank (LE, LA, L’, LES stays the same in the negative)

a. _L’_ étudiant est intelligent.
b. _Les_  amies sont sympathiques.

C. INDEFINITE ARTICLES – fill in the the blank (UN, UNE, DES, negative DE OR D’ before vowel)

a. J’ai _une_ guitare.
b. Nous n’avons pas _de_ stylos.

D. ADJECTIVE PLACEMENT – Rewrite sentences, agreeing adj.

a. Marc est un étudiant (mauvais).
Marc est un mauvais étudiant.

b. Nous sommes des amis (mexicain).
Nous sommes des amis mexicains.

E. ADJECTIVE AGREEMENT – agree noun and adjective

a. une fenêtre (gris) –  grise
b. les amies (japonais) – japonaises

F. C’EST/IL/ELLE EST – complete descriptions of a person and an object

Paul –
a. _Il est_ canadien.
b. _C’est_ un ami.
c. _Il est_ intelligent.

G. Le Vocabulaire – matching

Can be anything from vocabulary like “dans la chambre”,  transportation, prepositions, nationalities, or colors, to little phrases like “C’est faux” – “That’s false” or “Dis donc!” “Hey there!”

Remember to refer to pages 184 and 185 for the comprehensive list of terms to review, including things like “alors” = “so” and “assez” = “rather”

H. L’expression Personnelle – Describe a celebrity. Vary your verbs. Write at least one sentence in the negative. 6 sentences >4 mots.