Pronouns (direct and indirect)

In French, as in English, there are direct and indirect object pronouns.

 Object pronouns   –   direct and indirect object pronouns

   In English, a direct object pronoun receives the action in a sentence.

         She hit the ball.    “ball” would be the direct object

  You can replace these direct objects with direct object pronouns (to avoid repetition).

         She hit it.     “it” is the direct object pronoun- substituted for the ball

Object Pronouns- me, te, nous, and vous can be either direct or indirect depending on context 

Direct Object Pronouns 

  • Direct Object Pronouns– [le, la, l’, les] Lesson (from
  • DOP practice QuizQuiz (from
    (This includes the object pronouns- me, te, nous, vous and the passé composé)

Indirect Object Pronouns

  • Indirect Object Pronouns– [lui, leur, en] Lesson (from
  • IOP practice quizQuiz (from
  • More information on Indirect Object Pronouns (might be a little confusing because it includes me, te, nous, and vous)
  • Quiz with both Direct Object Pronouns and Indirect Object Pronouns that has some passé composé (past tense) that you might not know.

Quia matching, concentration, word games for direct and indirect object pronouns
Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns practice choose from drop-down boxes.

Bienvenue Ch. 16 quia game to practice


Possessive pronouns 

  Possessive adjectives indicate possession.