DF Blanc Unite 4, Leçon 16

Leçon 16: La Voisine d’en Bas

Quizlet Lecon 16 flashcards etc.

  • This lesson goes over the verbs lire, dire, and écrire (p. 238) – ppt of lire, dire, écrire
  • It introduces vocab. that goes with these verbs (p. 239), FOR EXAMPLE UNE HISTOIRE = A STORY, UN MENSONGE = A LIE
  • It discusses indirect object pronouns (pp. 240-241) and their placements
  • As well as verbs that take an indirect object pronoun (p. 240). Understand that many verbs could take an indirect object pronoun depending on who/what the object is.
  • Lastly, it includes double object pronoun replacement (p. 243).
  • This lesson also goes over the conjugations and different uses of savoir (p. 244)

Leçon 16- object pronouns (pop-up fill in the blank)

Leçon 16- connaître vs. savoir (pop-up fill in the blank)

Leçon16- practice quiz with both direct and indirect object pronouns

Song for order of object pronouns

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns

Savoir vs. connaitre