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Bonjour Elèves de Français 1!

Click here for unit and content inf0 to help you review

Click here for info/format: Examen Final!

I honestly wish we had another class period or two to do more challenge board/dry erase board review! 

Stop by to ask any questions about your project or the final format or grammar or “n’importe quoi”!!!

Also remember to bring your textbook, COVERED, to turn in to avoid an obligation. MERCI!

We’ve learned the 3 different types of REGULAR verbs and how they’re conjugated. Here are three song patterns to help you remember the endings.

If you want songs for regular verbs and the main irregular verbs we’ve learned, go here!



vendredi, le 18 mai-  finish your family tree project/presentation!!! If you’re doing a ppt or google slides, please EMAIL IT TO ME IN ADVANCE!

mercredi, le 16 mai- write a rough draft of lines for your family project to bring in to show me and work on in the second half of class tomorrow!
mardi, le 15 mai – IR and RE verbs – study for 10 minutes
lundi, le 14 mai  handout ex. 1, 2 (ir verbs), and 3 (re verbs)
took down notes on RE verbs (p. 290 in your book) – our last set of verbs to learn this year! RE verb info

vendredi, le 11 mai – >10 sentences draft for “Ma Famille” project; if you want to practice with clothing, play some of these games
jeudi, le 10 mai – étudier IR verbs

mercredi, le 9 mai- cahier p. 99, act. 1   –   IR verbs (info to come!)
mardi, le 8 mai – read project overview, come up with any questions, and choose if you’ll be doing a PPT or a poster
lundi, le 7 mai – étudiez pour l’examen d’unité 5 (info/games) (format)

vendredi, le 4 mai – work on unit 5 packet

DF Bleu Unité 5 info

Unité 5 examen mardi, le 8 mai 

jeudi, le 3 mai – book page 236 act. 1-2
mercredi, le 2 mai – paquet ex. 5 & 6 (Le Weekend & La course cycliste – les nombres ordinaux)
mardi, le 1 mai – paquet ex. 3; cahier p. 85 act. 2
lundi, le 30 avril paquet ex. 4; etudiez les notes des adjectifs possessifs

vendredi, le 27 avril – If you were not in class, please take down notes on relationships from p. 228 –
jeudi, le 26 avril – réviser
mercredi, le 25 avril – mon/ton/son possessive adjectives devoir is in paquet B3 En Vacances
mardi, le 24 avril – leçon 15 interro mardi, le 24 2018
lundi, le 23 avril- étudiez pour l’interro lecon 15 (see above for info)

vendredi, le 20 avril – start studying for lesson 15 quiz we will review lundi!
jeudi, le 19 avril – cahier p. 81, act. 3
mercredi, le 18 avril- cahier p. 79 and 80, act. 3
mardi, le 17 avril – finish copying down notes on stress pronouns from p. 221 dans le livre
lundi, le 16 avril- cahier p. 79 and 80, act. 2






“Dessin de Ma Ville” – pour MARDI

Create a map of your city or town! (You may do a nearby town or create an imaginary one if desired)

  • Be creative!
  • Use at least 10 NEW Vocabulary words to label key places and buildings! (restaurant, library, mall, etc., could include la rue/le boulevard, two max of any repeat place (i.e. magasin Walgreens et magasin C.V.S. or two restaurants)
  • Use COLOR!! You may draw or print out the places. You can do a mix of things, but you must label at least 10 places (if you only label 7, you will write 3 sentences at the bottom of the page to supplement)



Unité 4 Examen –  unit info here – test format info here
(Here is a Unit 4 – Study Guide (blank) if you want a thorough study method to fill in)


(Les Couleurs)

(L’accord des adjectifs)

Leçon 11 – activités

Challenge Board

Description et Adjectifs Flashcards, Matching, Concentration, Word Search

La Description Flashcards, Matching, Concentration, Word Search

Rags to Riches

leçon 15 interro mardi, le 24 2018

Flashcards, Matching, Concentration, Word Search

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mardi 30.01.18 – cahier p. 57 act. 3 – (continue to study lesson 9 and 10 vocab and our growing verb list)



vendredi 26.01.18 – interro (quiz) leçon 10 – lundi 29.01.18