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La Famille!

La Famille – the Family

Voila- French family vocabulary

Game to practice extended family

La Famille en France

General info

“Le Francais” – Bonjour


Here is some of the French we are learning in the first and second week of “French is Fun”:

Bonjour / Salut – Hello / Hi

Je m’appelle … – My name is…

Comment tu t’appelles? – What is your name?

Au revoir / Salut – Goodbye / Bye

More information/activities to explore:

“Greetings” activities

“My Name Is” activities

BBC French Introductions video


Qui Parle Francais? (Who Speaks French?)

Qui Parle Français?  (Who Speaks French?)

Maybe you know some of these people- they all speak more than one language. They are multilingual.

Où dans le monde on parle français?


French-Speaking Countries