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La Famille!

La Famille – the Family

Voila- French family vocabulary

Game to practice extended family

La Famille en France

General info

“Le Francais” – Bonjour


Here is some of the French we are learning in the first and second week of “French is Fun”:

Bonjour / Salut – Hello / Hi

Je m’appelle … – My name is…

Comment tu t’appelles? – What is your name?

Au revoir / Salut – Goodbye / Bye

More information/activities to explore:

“Greetings” activities

“My Name Is” activities

BBC French Introductions video


Website under construction!

S’il vous plait, stay tuned, as the site is currently under construction. 2014 – Joyeux Nouvel An! (Happy New Year!)

I’m grateful for my new job teaching an enrichment program, which inspired me to remodel the site.

Qui Parle Francais? (Who Speaks French?)

Qui Parle Français?  (Who Speaks French?)

Maybe you know some of these people- they all speak more than one language. They are multilingual.

Où dans le monde on parle français?


French-Speaking Countries