Projet “Ma Maison” Instructions for Video

How to Create a “Ma Maison”
Project Video
1. Create a powerpoint presentation
2. Add photos of your house, clip art, and animations.
3. Label each slide with the name of the room (correctly)
4. Practice reading your script several times

5. Go to Slide Show -> RECORD

6. Turn on your camera

7. Narrate each slide of your powerpoint while clicking through the slides

8. When you’ve finished…Go to File ->Export -> Create a Video

9. Let it create the video (you will see it loading at the bottom of your screen)

10. Save the video to you OneDrive

11. Upload this video to the Canvas Assignment -> IPA Presentational

Last slide – for the question you can asking something like “Do you like my house?” or “How many rooms in your house?” or a similar question of your choice

Dans la cuisine, il y a un four, etc…

Dans le salon, il y a une lampe, etc.

à côté de la lampe , à côté du lit , à côté de l’évier

Dans ma chambre, il y a un placard, etc…

un fauteuil

les escaliers

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