Bon Été!

J’espère que tout.e.s mes étudiant.e.s passent de bonnes vacances d’été! Je sais que c’est un peu différent, mais, quand même, c’est l’été!

Reposez-vous, et soyez sage!

Je rêve de la plage!!!

Have a great summer. As for me, malheureusement, I will no longer be at my H.S. French position in the fall, but I will be working on giving this website an upgrade this summer. I aim to have it include many resources, with a focus on Discovering French Nouveau Textbook series (as that is what I most recently taught with), but will include more updated resources to blend as well.

Stay tuned…bonne continuation!

Author: Prof de francais

Je suis prof de français! C'est C'est!

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