Qui Parle Francais? (Who Speaks French?)

Qui Parle Français?  (Who Speaks French?)

Maybe you know some of these people- they all speak more than one language. They are multilingual.

Où dans le monde on parle français?


French-Speaking Countries


“Mon Alphabet” ~ Ms. Rosana’s Class Alphabet Book

To finish your alphabet book, you will need to add the following letters:

S – stylo (pen)

T – trois (three)

U – unicorn (cognate- same thing!)

V – violette (violet (flower))

W – wagon (sleeping (train) car)

X – xylophone (cognate)

Y – yoyo (cognate)

Z – zèbre (zebra)



Paris Webquest

Let’s have fun learning about Paris! Even if you’ve never been there or can’t get there anytime soon, you can still get a good idea of what Paris is like through taking a look at a handful of great informational websites!

Each student will be given a monument or other type of place in Paris to learn a bit about, and then share with the class. On the notecard given, you will answer the important “W” questions (What? Where? When? Why? Who? and/or How?)

After 10 minutes of research, each student will present for 1-2 minutes on the interesting info they found! (Depending on what it is, your information will change, please note the things you find most interesting).

What? What is important/interesting about your monument/etc.?
Where? Where is it located?
When? When was it built?
Why? Why was it made/created? Why is it important?
Who? Who built it? Who is it for?
and/or How? How is it used? How has it changed?

Here are links to popular attractions in Paris. Look at the number on your card to see which one you will be researching and sharing with the class.

If you finish your research early, you can explore any of these links below, or a monument that was not assigned.

Interactive panoramic tour of Paris and its monuments (see if you can find your monument there!)

-official website of Paris