Joyeuse Rentrée Scolaire

Je vous souhaite une Bonne Rentrée!

“Rentrée” is a French phrase for “Back to School”, literally meaning “returned”, one can say “Joyeuse Rentrée”, which means “Happy Return to School” or “À la Rentrée” which roughly means “See you in the fall”. There are phrases and words like these in every language that do not easily/exactly translate word for work.

Can you think of another French phrase?




“Bon appetit” =  “Have a good meal” but literally “Good appetite”


Looking forward to seeing you/meeting you and to a great school year full of language, culture, focus, and fun!

Author: Prof de francais

Un jour, je serai...qui sait?! Pour maintenant, je suis prof de français, et ça, c'est pas mal!

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