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Bonjour Elèves de Français 2!

See below for assessment info, homework, and enrichment activities/games!!   Behind on your verb tenses? Practice here!

GREAT FRENCH 2 REVIEW INFO HERE AND A word doc FRENCH 2 FINAL REVIEW (not 100% comprehensive but pretty close- made by students in Fr 2 and 3)

Bonjour Étudiantes de Fr. 2- I have enjoyed looking through your Clothing projects- it was sweet to see some of you expressing your personality or using your friends to help you with your project looks.  🙂 They’re pretty good overall. I also noted some of you need to review object pronoun placement. So please see info below (or here and here) for practice with that!

This quizlet reviews content from lessons 14-16 (which is good as they were not in your final review packet as we recently covered them. Remember you don’t need to memorize all of the things you can read/say/or write but do know the important ones like a story, a lie, a truth, etc.)

Or try this great object pronoun Challenge Board game alone or with a friend!!
(Topics include (you need to know how to do the 1st 4, not the last column):

I honestly wish we had another class period or two to do more challenge board/dry erase board review! 

Stop by to pick up your project and ask any questions!!!

Also remember to bring your textbook, COVERED, to turn in to avoid an obligation. MERCI!

Current Unit Info – stay tuned for links to individual units for studying for final and go here for review by verb tense or topic etc.

Unit 4 Challenge Board 1

Unit 4 Challenge Board 2

Examen Final format : Plus d’info À venir


vendredi, le 18 mai– Clothing mini-projectdue lundi, le 21 mai, 2018!!
mercredi, le 16 mai- écrivez plus de phrases pour ton projet (approximate rough draft >10 phrases we will be working on them in class a little Thursday)
mardi, le 15 mai –  tomorrow we are verb/vocab. reviewing
lundi, le 14 mai – écrivez les 5 phrases ; 2 avec les objets des pronoms directs pour project

vendredi, le 11 mai – paquet ex. 6 & 7 ; read over clothing mini-project and decide which one you will do
jeudi, le 10 mai – paquet ex. 5 – we took notes on double object pronoun replacement
mercredi, le 9 mai- paquet ex. 3 et 4 (entres amis) – Je lui donne
lui for 1 person, leur for >1 person
mardi, le 8 mai –  c. p. 93, act. 1
lundi, le 7 mai – L16, paquet ex. 1

DF Blanc Unité 4 info (refer to for both info/games)

Lecon 15 info and games  – no lesson 15 quiz but content will be on final exam – Lesson 16 info as well

vendredi, le 4 mai – paquet ex.  6 – study the imperative make sure you have it DOWN
jeudi, le 3 mai – paquet ex.  6
mercredi, le 2 mai – paquet ex. 3-5 (go here if you are confused on placement)
mardi, le 1 mai – p. 90 act. 3, p. 91 act. 2 & 3
lundi, le 30 avril- finish both sides of the clothing handout- fill in what you would wear in the given circumstances (i.e. un mariage élégant – a formal wedding) and include colors with agreement!

vendredi, le 27 avril – les vêtements – we went over some clothing
jeudi, le 26 avril – cahier p. 90 act. 2
objets des pronoms directs pp. 230-231
mercredi, le 25 avril – cahier p. 89-90, act. 1
mardi, le 24 avril –
lundi, le 23 avril- étudier pour interro (see format here and studying games and resources (scroll down to lesson 14)). If you weren’t in class we did p. 219 ex. 3 from the book and went over quiz format and any questions from packets.

vendredi, le 20 avril – start studying for lesson 14 quiz we will review lundi!
jeudi, le 19 avril – c. p. 86 & 87, act. 3
mercredi, le 18 avril- c. p. 85 & 86 act. 2
mardi, le 17 avril –  cahier p. 85 & 85 act. 1
(L14 “les pronoms complements” p. 218)
lundi, le 16 avril- interro leçon 13

vendredi, le 13 avril – étudier pour interro lundi (see above for format and studying aid)
jeudi, le 12 avril – paquet ex. 2 (p. 125) et  ex. 3 (p. 126) Le Bon Mot
mercredi, le 11 avril- cahier p. 83, act. 1 & 2
mardi, le 10 avril – cahier p. 82, act. 1 & 2
lundi, le 9 avril- cahier p. 81, act. 1 & 2 (Vocabulaire de Spectacles)


mercredi, le 28 mars- Joyeuses Vacances de Printemps!
mardi, le 27 mars – Unité 3 info (L9-12) quiz in class -open-note (meaning only notes you have written down in your copybook
lundi, le 26 mars – make sure your hand-written notes are together from this unit (lessons 9-12); you may need to copy down some info about the expressions or partitive if you only have them on the handouts I gave – If you’re worried about content/studying, see how you do with this cumulative game (choose 1-player if practicing at home)

Great lesson 12 cumulative review game

vendredi, le 23 mars – cahier p. 74 activités 1-3
jeudi, le 22 mars – Joyeux Jour de Neige
mercredi, le 21 mars-  Joyeux Jour de Neige
mardi, le 20 mars –
lundi, le 19 mars – étudiez les expressions de quantité

vendredi, le 16 mars – cahier p. 73, act. 1 and book p. 187 act. 2
jeudi, le 15 mars –Lesson 11 Quiz Thursday   Expressions of Quantity notes
mercredi, le 14 mars- étudier Lesson 11 Quiz Thursday 
mardi, le 13 mars – paquet p. 101, ex. 6 (choosing du etc. le etc.) – refer to your notes from handout and/or pp. 178-179
lundi, le 12 mars – cahier p. 69 act. 3 & 70 act. 3


 DF Blanc Unité 3 info 


vendredi, le 9 mars – cahier p. 69 act 1&2, 70 act. 1
jeudi, le 8 mars- jour de neige
mercredi, le 7 mars- jour de neige
mardi, le 6 mars- devoir- livre p. 177 ex. 2 (you only need to do it for one subject for each problem – #1 toi = tu , #2 moi = je, #3 le professeur , #4 nous , #5 tu)
We copied down pp. 176-177 – lots of verbs with stem-changes and boire

boire – to drink

je bois                     nous buvons
tu bois                        vous buvez
il boit                        ils boivent
elle boit                  elles boivent

participe passé      –   bu

J’ai bu de l’eau. – I drank some water.


lundi, le 5 mars –  étudier pour l’interro MARDI: Study from the unité 3 page here (scroll down to leçon 10 for all the vouloir, devoir, pouvoir and partitive  practice you could want).
See below for short quiz format:

 A. le choix multiple -vouloir, devoir, pouvoir, 

      Je ________ de la salade.

a.  dois                  b. veut
c. veux                  d. doit

B. the partitive – fill in the blank

J’aime manger__de la_ salade  et _des_ tomates . Je ne mange pas __de__ poulet.

vendredi, le 2 mars –  p. 67 act. 1 & 2

jeudi, le premier mars! – p. 66 and 67 act. 3 (two activities)
mercredi, le 28 février – feuille (handout) v, d, p
mardi, le 27 février – cahier vouloir, devoir, pouvoir p. 65 ex. 1
lundi, le 26 février – Pratiquer les Dialogues – make sure you have printed copy for Mlle. C. as well as your menu and props ready to go for tomorrow!!


Devoir present tense battleship

Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir

Pouvoir & vouloir battleship

pouvoir – exciting, different activity- discover a picture!

vouloir, pouvoir, voir present tense practice quiz

“Jeopardy” a bunch of verbs including devoir and vouloir

On the Art of French Dining: Les Repas Français (Courses of a French meal)

vendredi, le 23 février – Mlle. C est malade, mais vous pouvez l’envoyer le dialogue par email (if you email me script I will highlight, not correct, errors). Dialogues pour MARDI, pas LUNDI. We will go over partitive cahier p. 66*, ex. 2 Monday as well. Bon weekend!

jeudi, le 22 février – cahier p. 66, ex. 2 continue working on dialogue draft and menu (partitive practice game)

mercredi, le 21 février – work on dialogue draft – see more info here if you’re working on your menu “la carte”

mardi, le 20 février – 15 minutes – étuidez le vocabulaire “au café” et “les courses” – fun game of the day: review your food with this interactive game or Jeu de mémoire

vendredi, le 16 février – Interro Leçon 9 -VENDREDI 16.02.18 – (click for more info – practice games here) – réviser la nourriture





Test**- Great Unit 2 info/resources/games  – test layout:  Unité 2 specific test format info

Good passé composé with être Rags to Riches

Good Grammatical Overview:

Passé Composé avec avoir

Passé Composé avec être

DR MRS V – quia Flashcards, matching, concentration



  1. DEVENIR           DEVENU(E)(S) *agreement means adding an “e” or “s” or both “es”
  2. REVENIR          REVENU(E)(S) – to come back
  3. MOURIR           MORT(E)(S)
  4. RESTER           RESTÉ (E)(S)
  5. SORTIR            SORTI (E)(S) 
  6. VENIR               VENU(E)(S)
  7. ARRIVER         ARRIVÉ(E)(S)  
  8. NAÎTRE              NÉ (E)(S)
  10. ENTRER             ENTRÉ(E)(S)
  11. RENTRER        RENTRÉ(E)(S) – to get back/go home/return
  12. TOMBER           TOMBÉ(E)(S)
  13. RETOURNER     RETOURNÉ(E)(S) – to return
  14. ALLER                 ALLÉ(E)(S)
  15. MONTER           MONTÉ(E)(S)
  16. PARTIR             PARTI(E)(S)
  17. PASSER*          PASSÉ (E)(S) – to pass by *(with avoir = to spend time)

Silly Aladdin video/ song made by French student to help you learn about these verbs. 

Another great French student created video: DR. MRS.  “UMBRELLA”

There are some other great videos students have made. Some are better than others (and watch out- student-made videos may include errors) but they’re all fun ways to help you memorize these verbs!

Quia – matching, concentration, word search

Lesson 14 games/info/review

interro mardi leçon 14 24.04.18








games and resources to help you review

Disclaimer- I did not make any of these games so it is possible there could be errors, and there may be some info that is different than what you’ve learned, but overall they can be great, fun, diverse ways to help you review!

This Jeopardy-style game has nationality, greetings, and numbers for a good start to reviewing French 1 material!

Passé Composé

Des participes passés irréguliers

Etre, Faire, Avoir & Aller Expressions

Reflexive verb pronoun practice

DF Blanc Unite 1

DF Blanc Unite 2 info