Fr. 1 Interro / Examen info

Fr. 1 Interro (Quiz)/ Examen (Test) info

Remember to use Classzone (ton livre) to help you study! Use this site as well as fun review games! A link to current unit info is always on the top of the class page.

Use the exercises from the book pages 236-237 we did in class to help you.

Examen d’unité 5 – mardi 08.05.18

  1. Verbes
    Conjugate all irregular verbs : être, aller, venir, faire, avoir, -er  (random -er verb is given)
  2. Les Prepositions + Articles DéfinisMake the necessary contractions (à + le, la, l’, les/ de + le, la, l’, les)
  3. La Possession les adjectifs possessifs – i.e.
    (it will correspond to the given subject)
    Marc a _son_ scooter.Nous avons _notre__ voiture.
  4. Les mois de l’année – ordinal numbers sequence of months of the year.

i.e. Juin est le sixième mois de l’année.
Septembre* est le ___________ mois de l’année.
Janvier* est le ___________ mois de l’année.

5. L’expression personnelle- answer 3 questions in French, using complete sentences.

Could be about family, a friend’s house, playing a game or instrument, etc.

6. Le Vocabulaire- matching French to English























 Older info:


Midterm: Leçons 1-9

Listening section – questions (Mlle. C. will read instead of the unit CDs)

Numbers 1-100

Days of the week, months of the year, seasons – weather
(weather info here and here (scroll down for fun games))
(“Faire” is used with some weather)

Il fait beau/mauvais – It’s nice/yucky out. (to practice use above links)
Il neige
– It is snowing

Descriptions – how old you are, your name, other basic questions *remember to say how old you are/someone is – you use “avoir” (to have) not “etre” (to be) ~ “J’ai treize ans”  ~  “As-tu quatorze ans?”   ~ or “Elle a quinze ans” (She is 15)

This Jeopardy-style game has nationality, greetings, and numbers, which is some of the content from lessons 1-3 (scroll down for more games!)

Any Vocab from units 1-4 covered

Question Words
Telling Time
Prepositions – song about prepositions  animals and preposition placement

Any ER verbs covered (present tense) – remember for example nous mangeons is a variation on -er verb conjugation
Être – to be – memorize all forms
Faire– to do or to make –  
memorize all forms

Grammar– (conjugating verbs as above)

Making a sentence negativene…pas / n’…pas

Remember that in the the negative un/une become de i.e. “J’ai un chien” becomes “Je n’ai pas de chien.”


DF Bleu Unité 1 – info

DF Bleu Unité 2 – info

DF Bleu Unité 3 – info

DF Bleu Unité 4 – info

Games to practice

Disclaimer- I did not make any of these games so it is possible there could be errors, and there may be some info that is different than what you’ve learned, but overall they can be great, fun, diverse ways to help you review!

Unité 1
(Jeopardy-style game)

U1, L1 – battleship game

U1 – hangman

U1, L2 – Rags to Riches fun game – use hints if needed

U1, L2 – famille et copains matching, concentration, etc.

Unité 2

U2 – review game

U2, L3 – battleship “Ca fait combien?”

U2, L4 game

U2, L3 & 4  – Foods and beverages, telling time, weather, calendar, cultural information – Jeopardy-style game

U2 – weather and seasons – Rags to Riches

Unité 3

U3, L6: Une invitation – matching, concentration, etc.

U3, L6 Jeopardy-style game

U3, L7 game

More lesson 7 quia games:
Rags to Riches regular -er verb and subject pronoun practice
ER verbs hangman
ER verb translation and conjugation hangman
Rags to riches -er verb conjugation
ER verbs and adverbs battleship

Unité 4 lesson 9

Leçon 8 quia practice/games:

Interrogative expression hangman

“faire” hangman

Vocab flashcards


Leçon 9 – good review of latest vocab. we covered!matching, concentration, etc.

A great Jeopardy-style game that reviews Preferences, Activities, Invitations, -ER verbs, Negation, and Forming questions (some of it you may not know but it is great practice overall!)