Quia Discovering French Review/Game/Quiz Links

 Below you can find a wide variety of activities on www.quia.com to practice what we have covered in class. Browse through the different classes if you need review of topics learned in previous years.

Here is a link to my page
with a ton of activities already listed. I will be adding to this page as we progress.

Fr. I

Lesson 1A-1C challenge game– greetings, nationalities, numbers up to 60

Fr. II

Review game of -er verbs, negation, activities, invitations, and forming questions

Interrogative expressions hangman

Vocab. Lesson 6 – prepositions, exclamations


Passé composé – avoir or être (choose which helping verb you would use based on the given verb)

Lecon 8 avoir ou être – choose which helping verb you would use for the context in a given sentence

Quelqu’un et quelque chose – matching / flashcards

Expressions de temps (p. 126) – matching / flashcards

Verbs conjugated with être – practice quiz

Battleship passe compose leçon 6

Irregular past participles – matching


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