Fun Links to Check Out!

Fun French Learning Site
(we use a lot of these activities in the French is Fun class!)
French . . . the most practical foreign language
This site explains why you should learn French by focusing on the importance of French in the world.
French is Better than . . . Everything!
Purely for entertainment – lists of reasons that French is better than chocolate, shopping, Spanish, and more.
Spanish is Easier than French . . . NOT!
The truth behind the myth
10 Reasons to Study French
Information from the Alliance Française
Homework in France
For kids (and parents), the angst starts early
Holidays and Celebrations in Francophone Countries
Learn about holidays and other special events in francophone countries.
The Rude French Myth
Are the French really rude, or just misconstrued?
French Tongue Twisters – Les Virelangues
Alphabetized list of more than 200 French tongue twisters
Typing French Accents
This page explains how to type accents on a PC or a Mac
Personality Quiz
What kind of French student are you?
Are you a Francophile?
Take this quiz to find out if you really love French and France.
France Goes Batty Over Halloween (October, 2000)
Halloween in France
Origins and Celebrations

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