Joyeuse Rentrée Scolaire

Je vous souhaite une Bonne Rentrée!

“Rentrée” is a French phrase for “Back to School”, literally meaning “returned”, one can say “Joyeuse Rentrée”, which means “Happy Return to School” or “À la Rentrée” which roughly means “See you in the fall”. There are phrases and words like these in every language that do not easily/exactly translate word for work.

Can you think of another French phrase?




“Bon appetit” =  “Have a good meal” but literally “Good appetite”


Looking forward to seeing you/meeting you and to a great school year full of language, culture, focus, and fun!

Deux Vérités et un Mensonge

Deux Vérités et un Mensonge

Pensez de deux vérités et un mensonge que vous voulez partager avec la classe. Amusez-vous! Soyez créatif!

Exemple amusant/créatif


Je parle/je ne parle pas…

Je suis allée / je ne suis pas allée

J’ai eu / je n’ai pas eu

J’ai mangé/ je n’ai jamais mangé

Je me suis cassé…

J’ai huit soeurs et frères.

Par exemple: Je ne suis jamais restée dans un hôtel (if this was a true fact it would be a good truth (most people would guess it was the lie “le mensonge” because most people have stayed in a hotel at some point in their lives by high-school!)

Aller – Futur Proche – Near Future

Do You Remember How to Conjugate ALLER?™

“Do you remember how to conjugate ALLER?

ALLER means “to go”, Oh! I can’t wait!







“Je vais danser. (dance)
Tu vas chanter. (move hand like singing)
Il/elle va écouter. (put hand on ear, listen) 
Nous allons nager. (swimming motions)
Vous allez voyager. (fly like an airplane)
Ils/Elles vont parler français toute la journée.” (point to everyone, speaking motion, all day with arm motion)

Les Pays – Nationalites

Grand Liste de Pays

le Portugal                                       la Grèce

le Mexique                                       la Russie

le Canada                                          la Suisse                                                                                                              la Belgique
                                                                la Chine
                                                              l’Italie                                                                                                                    l’Espagne

les Canaries                                     les Pays-Bas

les Bahamas                                    les États-Unis

à = en, au, à l’, aux   * remember to use en for a feminine country

de = de, du, d’, des  * remember to use de for a feminine country




Commercials Using French Randomly

In this episode of “Media Using French Randomly”, Mlle. C spotted a Loréal commercial randomly saying “Say Bonjour” to whatever beauty thing they’re marketing.

Have you seen it? Check out this link if you want to see it:

Fun to notice things like this! 🙂 Tout le monde adore la France/ le français!

Website under construction!

S’il vous plait, stay tuned, as the site is currently under construction. 2018 – Bonne Année!!!
Joyeux Nouvel An! (Happy New Year!)

I’m grateful for my new job teaching levels 1-4 in French and am working to update the site with new relevant resources and updated links.


French is Fun – Fin (The End/Last Lesson)

BSCS Students- I have had so much fun with you in our French classes! Merci for making it such a great experience for me, and I’m so glad you also had fun learning French!!

What Did We Learn?

Every week, we learned a bit of culture and a bit of language, and always sang a song or two! All sections went over basic vocabulary, like the French alphabet, numbers 1-20, and greetings.

The K-2 class focused on “Mon Alphabet” – their alphabet book. They also got a mini-lesson based on what the theme was that week. (Click here if you want to finish your alphabet book at home!)

The 3rd-5th and the Middle School classes learned a whole lot of French and culture, including:

Greetings, Paris, Sports, Family, a Student’s Life in France, Other French-speaking Countries, French Food, Animals, School Vocabulary, Clothes, Colors, Art, and more.

Here are some of our favorite songs from a website resource used in many classes:

Bonjour!                 Dix Petites Fleurs              Bonjour Madame

And other games and activities (a great site to explore for language-learning fun).

I hope you keep having fun learning French. Explore this site for more resources. À bientôt!




La Météo – The Weather

La Météo – The Weather

Did you know that they use Celsius (the metric system) instead of Fahrenheit with the weather in France?

To convert ºC to ºF, use this formula: C x 1.8 = 32 = F

For example, 0º C = 32º F     or       15º C = 59º F

Le Temps – The Weather


Quel temps fait-il?  “What’s the weather like?” or “How’s the weather?”

   –Il fait du soleil.   =    “It’s sunny.”
  -Il fait beau.  =          “It’s nice out.”
  -Il fait chaud.    =      “It’s hot.”
   -Il pleut.  =                “It’s raining”
   -Il fait mauvais.  =      “It’s yucky out.”
Il fait du vent.   =    “It’s windy.”
Il fait frais.     =     “It’s cool.”
-Il fait froid.   =         “It’s cold.”
Il y a des nuages.  =    “It’s cloudy.” (literally- there are clouds)
-Il neige.  =  It’s snowing.

Les Saisons    (seasons)         (“in” + season)

l’hiver (m)        en hiver                  (Winter)
l’été (m)          en été                    (Summer)
l’automne (m)     en automne             (Fall)
le printemps (m)   au printemps            (Spring)

“It’s the Fall”   =    C’est l’automne        /     “In the Fall”   =      en automne


Take a look at the forecast in France from France Mété

Les Jeux : Games
 (You will need to know this additional phrase- “Je suis trempé = I’m soaked”)

Le Temps – Get yourself acquainted with the weather vocabulary. After you hear the vocabulary, you click on the correct word to answer the question. 

Quel temps fait-il? –  You will write in the answers.

Cherche les mots –  A weather-related wordsearch.

Jeu de memoire – Memory game

Les Mots Rapides – You have to type in the weather expression you hear before the bowling ball drops.

Est-ce qu’il fait chaud?
 – There will be a weather scenario depicted. You get to roll the scrolls to choose the 2 parts of the correct answer ( oui ou non ) and then the correct weather scenario.

Est-ce qu’il fait froid? – You get to be the Weather DJ! Pick from the records you to choose the correct weather scenario.

La météo en France  –  Fill in the weather for France with the help of the weather-woman.

Attrape les mots  –  In this game, you have to aim for the correct words, and move by using the left and right arrows. You must fill the words in in order!

 Chat-man –  A game very similar to Pacman. You go for the big red circles, and have to answer questions. I’m not sure if the 3rd level questions have any reason behind them. Good luck!


Autres Activités

Weather picture practice – You’ll need to know “Le ciel est couvert” / “The sky is covered” & “Il fait du brouillard” / “It’s foggy” & “Le temps est nuageux” / “It’s cloudy”.

Quia – matching, concentration, etc. with weather vocabulary